The Sefarad Museum

Sefardi and Oriental Jewry Heritage Center

The center will be the most significant museum of its kind, unique in that it will illuminate over 500 years of Sefardi and Oriental Jewry’s extraordinary intellectual and cultural contributions to Jewish heritage and the Jewish People.

The Sefarad Museum’s four floors will feature: A “time tunnel” network of halls vividly showcasing the brilliant centers of Hispano-Jewry in Spain, the major communities of the Sefardi and Oriental Diasporas (the Ottoman Empire, North Africa, and the Middle East) as well as prominent centers of the Anousim Diaspora from the 17th - 19th centuries (Amsterdam, Hamburg, London, Recife, New York, Curaçao, etc.), including the Mashads of Persia; the 360-seat Jewish Communities Auditorium; the Sefardi Cultural Icons floor; a sophisticated Ladino Music Center; and a state-of- the-art research library and information center that will be a beacon for researchers worldwide.

The Sefarad Museum’s world class facilities and innovative design will make it a “must see” cultural and educational attraction for youths and adults from Israel and abroad.

The Sefarad Museum

The Sefarad Museum | Netanya Academic College | Institute for Sefardi and Anousim Studies, 1 University St, Kiryat Yitzchak Rabin, Netanya 42365, Israel

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